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Submit IBPS PO application form for CRP XIII recruitment & online exam. Check the steps to apply for IBPS PO 2023, along with eligibility, age, fees and last ...

IBPS exam is a synonym for bank exams and lakhs of people register at the IBPS's online portal every year to apply for the vacancy of PO, Clerk, SO ...

14/02/2024 Update
Sign-in page for checking IBPS results for exams conducted in 2023: IBPS Online Main Examinations results - Probationary Officers recruitment: CRP PO/MT-XIII, Specialist recruitment 2023-24: (CRP SPL-XIII).

IBPS is the most recognised entity in banking recruitment in India. Hence, the aspirants who focus on building a career in the banking domain should know ...

Those preparing for the IBPS online exam may already be familiar with the fact that the exam is conducted through a web application on a computer allocated to ...

Overview: Detailed IBPS eligibility criteria for PO/MT, Clerk, Specialist (SO) and RRB Cadre discussing age, education qualification (mark percentage), CIBIL, ...

IBPS has officially released the notification and opened the IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2023 application form. This event is a good opportunity for eligible ...

24/07/2023 Update
IBPS Clerk 2023-24 application form : Direct Link.
IBPS Clerk recruitment (CRP -Clerks XIII): Official website.

The online application for Staff Nurse Grade-II Exam in the State of Kerala starts. Last week PSC released a gazette notification regarding this post, and now ...

With over 15 lakh applications, KPSC's LD Clerk (LDC) Exam is arguably the largest recruitment test for a government position in the State of Kerala. Held ...

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  1. Test comment for disqus

  2. Sir how can I apply for the exam? How to print the receipt.

  3. Adding One.

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  8. The amalgamation of banks may slightly reduce the total number of opportunities but I don’t think it is going to affect IBPS recruitment. It is a good change as the selected candidates get opportunity in a big and better bank which has a lot of branches and business. Regarding your question, you may expect the next IBPS exam registrations start around the dates as given the article.

  9. Please contact your local PSC office if you don’t have access to the mobile number.

  10. Did you apply for any PSC vacancy with this qualification?

  11. Do not click the back button on your browser while using Kerala PSC Thulasi website. Clear the browser cache, or use another browser like Firefox or Microsoft Edge to login to the site, again. Restart your broadband if that doesn’t work.

  12. Do you access to the mobile phone number that was given you did PSC profile creation? Else, you need to contact a local PSC office for re-setting you password.

  13. Off ayi means? you got logged out? that may be because of inactivity on KPSC Thualsi portal. Login once again.

  14. Kindly go through the article. We have given the SMS codes to reset your KPSC Thulasi password and login User ID. To begin, use the code KL USR and send it to 9223166166. Wait for the SMS from Kerala PSC. Then use the login ID to recover the password. If Vipin is your username, and 01-01-2020 is your date of birth, I use the format KL RST Vipin 01012020. When you get the reset confirmation, you can open KPSC Thulasi page and login with Vipin as username and vipin01012020 as password.

  15. There is an option to update photograph in KPSC Thulasi. Upload a new photo and try.

  16. Edukan pattumo means? Did you forget the password? It is very easy If you have access to the mobile number in given in your PSC Thulasi profile.

  17. Please use a desktop computer or laptop to apply for Kerala PSC exam. Mobile browsers (Android& iPhone) are not currently compatible with KPSC Thulasi for certain features.

  18. If you have changed your name, change it in all certificates. Keeping your maiden name is the best option.

  19. May I know from which university you got your degree? Candidates are eligible for IBPS exam if they complete educational requirement from UGC approved institutions. A list of approved universities is given above.

  20. Unfortunately, as far as I know, IBPS takes the current status (approval) of the university for eligibility.

  21. Dear Mr. Mandal, as I said earlier, you don’t need 60 percentage in graduation to be eligible for IBPS recruitment. You’re much eligible for IBPS PO and Clerk exams in 2018 as you have 50 percent in degree. And BTW, please turn-off your caps lock key 🙂

  22. Yes, it is possible if the bank returns it.

  23. It is very true. Now that government has increased the basic salary of nurses to more than 20000, it is engineering pass-outs who are struggling.

  24. Unfortunately No. Only Nursing students are allowed to take this scheme in case of management quota seats.

  25. NPA list or CIBIL list?

  26. Have you made a prepayment or part-payment on your loan? It is up-to the bank to decide whether to put you on NPA list or not..

  27. Please clarify. How many digits you are trying on the ELRS application form?

  28. It will take 15 days to get a new Pan Card. You may apply online for a new PAN Card if you have an aadhar card at NSDL website.

  29. You have to submit your own PAN card while applying for the subsidy under ELRS scheme. Else your application would get rejected. However, parents of a student ward may submit his/her PAN card.

  30. It is the sharing of the principle and interest amount for 4 years post payment of the dues or any pending amount through website.

  31. It is a known problem with the ELRS website. We have alerted the admins about the same and waiting for a reply.

  32. Could you please clarify your issue?

  33. Yes you’re eligible for Education loan support from Kerala Government. As it says, last date for completing the application form is 31-10-2017.

  34. When submit button is not working it could the problem with the browser. update or change your web browser and login to the address It should work.

  35. Just open the website and put all your details. The document required for filling the application form is given in this page. However, t would be better if you arrange the same before proceeding to the registration.

  36. The Kerala Government has already allocated 900 Crs to this scheme as per budget recommendation. State administration had consulted with banks before announcing this project, and I sincerely hope that they will pump more money if required. BTW there is an upper limit on the amount one could claim.

  37. Nursing students are the only category of applicants who could apply for the Kerala Government’s repayment support even if they have studied under management quota. Open the, and do your registration to claim your benefits.

  38. Yes, dear Muarali. Take your time to arrange all the documents and submit the registration form for the Kerala education loan repayment support. It looks like your loan is NPA at the moment. Try to get it regular by paying the subsidized dues.

  39. Did you complete the course? Is there any papers pending? 7 years is so long to wait for a degree certificate.

  40. Your education loan comes under the general category and it is easy for you to apply and get the subsidy. Go ahead and submit the online application form on

  41. It is a server connectivity issue for the ELRS website to the bulk SMS channel. Hopefully we will have a fix on Monday.

  42. Looks like your education loan comes into the NPA category. You may choose the category 1 NPA and in that case you will 60{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of the base amount from Kerala Government if you are agreeing to pay the remaining dues. You have to fill the online application and submit the claim form to know about the amount. The amount will appear on once the Indian Bank approve your education loan for subsidy.

  43. We were able to get through the ELRS portal through the user ID and password allocated to us. However, many of the commentators here are also experiencing what you face. We have contacted the Kerala Govt. authorities handling to rectify this error. Hope that we will get a response at least on Monday.

  44. If you are not paying the EMIs in a regular manner, chances are high for you account to be marked as NPA. There are different levels for NPA alassification. Please contact the bank for information on this.

  45. It doesn’t matter dear manjesh. Did you register for Kerala education loan repayment support?

  46. The OTP validation on ELRS website is working for me. Please try another number in case it is not working for you.

  47. Of course, choose an option depending on the current status of your education loan. As mentioned in the page, standard and NPA accounts have separate schemes.

  48. Try again after sometime with the same mobile number.

  49. Yes. You may fill the application form for Kerala Govt.’s education loan repayment support scheme. The format of the eligibility certificate from village office is given in the article, above. You will also get the same while competing registration on portal.

  50. You will get the user ID and password on your mobile number as soon as you submit the second page of the elrs website for Kerala education loan support scheme.

  51. You have to contact the bank to know whether they have classified your education loan into NPA or not. If not, go with the category one. Apply for repayment support for the upcoming years.

  52. Are you paying the EMIs at the moment? If you’re paying @10K, then it would come around 4.8L, which is above the permissible limit. The annual income of the family is also considered for processing the claim. Hence, you’re not eligible.

  53. You are eligible to apply online for the repayment support scheme at Please mention whether you have paid any EMI or not? If you didn’t pay a single installment, subsidy for NPA account is applicable. If you choose one-time-settlement, Kerala Government would pay the 60{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of the 360000 INR. You have to pay the remaining amount with interest. Regularisation is also possible.

  54. Of course you are eligible to apply for the education loan subsidy from the Kerala Government under elrs scheme. If you have not paid the installments for 3 months (90 days) banks would classify your loan account to NPA. In that case, you have to go with category 1 NPA, and opt to regularise the loan by paying some amount. Since you have already paid 50K, One Time settlement is not recommended.

  55. May I know the date when you completed the course?

  56. Application forms for IBPS RRB recruitment 2017 are available now. Check your eligibility and apply now.

  57. You may apply if the results get published on or before 14-08-2017.

  58. Yes. One may apply for Assistant and one of the officer posts through separate application forms.

  59. Notification for IBPS RRB recruitment 2017 is now available. Please visit us on 24th of July for the direct links.

  60. Toward the end of August or starting week of September.

  61. Online registration for RRB recruitment starts on 24th of July. Links will be updated as soon as the forms are available online.

  62. You will get an SMS for Kerala PSC if the call letter is available for download. Keep checking your SMS.

  63. Better you update your photo on KPSC Thulasi for all future applications.

  64. You may reset the Kerala PSC login password by using the ID card which was submitted for PSC registration. (Aadhar/Voters ID/Driving License, etc.)

  65. Disconnect the internet, clear your browser cache and open the PSC website again. If you don’t know how to clear the browser cache, just open another browser.

  66. Don’t worry. Keep checking the PSC Thulasi website. You will get your admit card/hall ticket at least one week before the exam date.

  67. It is not possible now. However, at this time, you may apply online for Village Assistant recruitment through KPSC.

  68. You have to regularly check Kerala PSC website to get the announcements or alerts regrading exams.

  69. Link to login the PSC Kerala website is given above.

  70. You can give a local number of your relative. Mobile verification is after you complete online registration and login to the KPSC profile. Ask your relative to whatsapp or message the OTP code.

  71. You may apply for IBPS exams online by following the instructions given here. Registrations would start in August. Keep checking this page or follow us in social media for updates. Regarding study, we recommend that you join an offline IBPS training institute.

  72. There are 4 exams; IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS Specialist and IBPS RRB. You may search amazon for a few good books. Online test is not that hard if you take training from a good coaching institute and follow the current affairs.

  73. What help you need? Everything is written here.

  74. It is pretty simple If you have access to the mobile number used for PSC registration. Please confirm whether you have the number with you.

  75. Yes. You apply apply for IBPS recruitment in 2017.

  76. Currently you may apply online for village field assistant post.

  77. To write PSC exams, you have to do a one-time registration on Kerala PSC website. After this registration you will get a permanent user ID and password. Then login to your profile and locate the notifications section in Kerala PSC website. Now, go through all notifications, and a one you are eligible to apply. There will be a button to start registration.
    Ella links um engine psc examinu apply cheyanam enna video um ee page il koduthittundu PSC apeksha xshanikumpol website il kayaril apply cheyam.. call letter oke pinnedu varum.

  78. Application forms for the ongoing IBPS recruitments are given in this page towards the end-section. Just click on the appropriate link and proceed.

  79. The eligibility for applying IBPS recruitment is a degree.

  80. Hello Sadik, the next LDC Exam would be in 2020.

  81. The online registration for PSC LDC Exam is now over. However you may apply for the Last Grade Recruitment if eligible.

  82. Rija, the online registration for KPSC Staff Nurse Grade-II exam is now over. However, we are expecting a new notification for DME Staff Nurse Grade-II in the upcoming months. We will update this page as we get more information.

  83. Examination starts only in June. So we expect the admission ticket in the month of May. Keep checking the PSC home page for updates. You will see a notification if the admission ticket is live for download.

  84. No. You just login to PSC Thulasi. You will see a notification in the home page if the call letter is availble for download.

  85. As soon as you login to your profile, you will see a notification, “admission ticket is available for the following posts.” Then the name of the post under that section. You will see this option only if PSC starts providing the hall ticket.

  86. Dismiss that. Click on “Admission Ticket” Link on the right side of your KPSC Thulasi homepage. Now take 2017 tab and download the hall ticket. It’s live, examination is scheduled on 29-04-2017.

  87. When you sign to PSC your will immediately see a notification, “admission ticket is available for the following post,” 454/216 staff nurse grade 2. Just click on the link “admission ticket link” and take “2017” tab. Now click on the small PDF icon on the right side to download your hall ticket.

  88. Next registration on 2020 (expected).

  89. When you login, you can see “admission ticket” link on right-hand side of the page. Click on that, and select 2017 to download your hall ticket.

  90. It is true that Kerala PSC extended the dates for LD Clerk registration. However, it is applicable for everyone.

  91. It is pretty easy If you have access to the mobile number used for PSC registration. The method is given in the article.

  92. Please call Kerala PSC using the phone number provided on this page or contact a PSC office in your district.

  93. It is not possible to change the job location through the website at this time. However, you may call Kerala PSC to make change, if possible. Then, if you get the job, you could also change the location through transfer exercise, after a few years.

  94. As per the LDC notification it is for candidates born between 01-02-1980 and 01-01-1998. Hence you’re not eligible.

  95. As far as we know, it is extended to all the candidates. However, no one from the general community is able to apply for the LD Clerk Exam at the current setting. We will call Kerala PSC and update the same on this page.

  96. It is not possible to apply for the Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade II anymore in the next 2 years. However, if you have a reservation, keep checking the KPSC Thulasi home page for related opportunities.

  97. We have edited this page to include new Kerala PSC Notifications. Please note that it may take at least a week update the new job notifications of PSC Thulasi after the Gazette update.

  98. Offline payment option has been discontinued. IBPS Exam, PSC, Govt. Jobs preparation, vacancy notifications & online application.