elrs.kerala.gov.in: Apply for education loan subsidy scheme in Kerala

ERLS (official portal: elrs.kerala.gov.in) is a now-defunct Kerala government subsidy scheme for poor students and nurses who were finding it difficult to repay their education loans.

It was the Kerala Govt’s promise that an education loan subsidy scheme will launch in 2017. Dr. Tomas Issac announced it in the budget session that a category of students who failed to repay their education loans will get a repayment support from Government. Although the program has been in the news for a couple of months, only now it got a clarity with the launch of Elrs.kerala.gov.in, the official government website handling registration for the subsidy scheme.

ELRS login page: http://elrs.kerala.gov.in/

You can click the above button to login to the official ELRS website directly. However, please note that this scheme has been discontinued, and the Kerala government is not accepting any new applications

How to avail Kerala Education loan subsidy and repayment support scheme [ELRS]

The scheme is outlined in such a way to provide the support for a period of four years. It is not a complete debt relief plan but a support from the government for the students or families ready to pay-back a reasonable amount to the banks. Please note that the subsidy is available up-to an upper limit of 9 Lakhs. Educational loan holders may choose from one of the following options as per the applicability.

  1. For standard accounts: This is for loan accounts which are in good standing with the banks. The proposal expects the repayment to such an account has already commenced in between 2012 April to 2016 March 31 and is continuing. The govt. will help the students to repay the amount for the upcoming years.
  2. For NPA Accounts: There are two options for loans classified as NPA or Non-Performing-Assets before 31-03-2016. They either have to agree with the bank for a one-time settlement by full payment or regularise/ reschedule the pending amount. The Kerala government will help the applicants to remit the dues in order regularize the account (up-to 4 Lakhs) or reschedule the EMIs (For loans from 4-9 Lakhs) to an acceptable sum. However, beneficiaries have to pay the defaulted amount decided by the banks up-front, upon successful approval of the claim and verification of the documents. This amount can be paid online through Elrs.kerala.gov.in.

Update: This scheme is no longer available for new applicants. Nearly 20000 students got relief through this initiative, and it cost 200 Cr to the exchequer. However, you may still opt for the Central Government subsidies, or RBI’s moratorium, offered by SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citi Bank, and many other financial firms. This scheme not only helps you with loan re-payment, but also credit card dues.

Details of the ELRS sharing scheme.

Education loan repayment subsidy Kerala Support

Our advice for the applicants opting for the support scheme is to apply for the rescheduling of the educational loan. If you choose to close the loan account under the OTS one-time settlement, it may further affect your CIBIL score. Please keep mind that a good CIBIL credit report, is must for getting applying bank exams (SBI), and getting credit cards, housing/car/personal loan in the future.
Kerala Government offers subsidy on principle and interest parts of the educational loan. The proposed sharing ratio/ contribution pattern is what you see below.

For further information about the above categorization, download the official notification on educational loan repayment scheme.

Eligibility for Education loan subsidy scheme in Kerala

Kerala government has a few eligibility requirements for the students applying for this scheme. Let’s check who all are eligible.

  • Available only for educational loans taken from Banks in Kerala including Gramin and Co-Operative Banks.
  • Students who take their admission under government/merit quota in a technical or professional course from a recognised institution are eligible. However, this clause is not applicable to Nursing Students.
  • Nurses who have a defaulted their loan could apply online for the subsidy scheme even if they took admission under management quota
  • Family income must be under the upper limit or 6 Lakh. Also, the current annual income of the applicant (if any) should be below four times the yearly amount repayable to the bank.
  • Relaxation applies to disabled and parents of the deceased students. They may refer the government order for clarifications

Documents required for for filling application form at Elrs.kerala.gov.in

  1. PAN: PAN card is must for the application. In case you don’t have a PAN Card, you can take one in the fast-track mode at NSDL website.
  2. Aadhar Card: Govt. has made it clear earlier that you have to provide Aadhar for all govt subsidy schemes. Aadhar must be linked to PAN.
  3. Scan the PAN and Aadhar card to an uploadable format.
  4. Class 10 pass certificate is necessary for getting through the first page of the registration form on elrs.kerala.gov.in.
  5. Eligibility certificate from Village Officer Counter signed by Grade-I gazetted Officer. Download the format.
  6. Course completion certificate issued by the institution where the student studied. In a case of the discontinuation on medical grounds, a certificate from the head of the college is a must.
  7. If applicable, the student or parent may also submit disability/death/salary certificate through the online form.
  8. Educational certificates and Bank Statements ( for filling the form).

Elrs.kerala.gov.in: steps to apply for Kerala Educational loan subsidy online

The process of filling online application form for the Kerala education loan subsidy through elrs.kerala.gov.in is straightforward and easy. Just make sure that you arrange all the certificates mentioned above before opening the ELRS.

elrs.kerala.gov.in apply online for Kerala educational loan subsidy scheme

ELRS means Education Loan Repayment System, a web application designed for collecting the registration from students.

  • Once you’re on the page as shown in the screenshot, click on “Student Registration” button.
  • Now, enter your name, DOB, mobile number, email ID, PAN Card, Aadhar, and Class 10 certificate details in the boxes provided.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on OTP button for SMS verification. Input the number in the SMS that you get from IM-KLMGV sender.
  • As you complete this page, click the “Submit” button for the next page. Here will see the options to upload the documents that we have mentioned earlier.
  • When you pass this stage of the registration form, a user ID and password for the portal Elrs.kerala.gov.in will be sent to your verified mobile number.
  • Save this login ID password for all future communication, and for correcting the application form in case of rejection from the bank.
  • Now, on the next page, you will find the claim form, which you’re going to submit online to the bank.
  • The application form asks a few information; details of the educational loan taken, course studied, annual income, the category of the applicant (whether NPA/Standard), etc.
  • They also require the details of the subsidy schemes already availed (if applicable).

Finally, you will see the option to submit the form online. A PDF copy of the registration form and uploaded documents will generate if everything goes as per the instructions. Download and print it.

What to expect post Elrs.kerala.gov.in registration

Students have to print of these documents, sign appropriately, and submit it to the bank from where they took the loan. They should also bring originals of the documents for verification purpose. Banks will check the information, and the claim will get a node if the applicant’s information satisfies their internal policies. The bank then decides on a claim amount to regularize the EMIs or settle the education loan. Students may login to Elrs.kerala.gov.in to see what they need to pay for activating the repayment support from Kerala Government. Just pay it within 90 days through the online portal, and that’s it. In the event of rejection, applicants may do the required changes in the official website itself and resubmit the application form.

How to recover ELRS.Kerala.GOV.IN user ID or Password? Reset option is now there.

Many people who have applied for the newly introduced education loan su scheme in Kerala are experiencing an issue with the OTP. Some were not getting a user ID and password after clicking the submit button as it was not working. Some others had a complaint that a reset password option is not there for ELRS Kerala website. Thanks to the CDIT team working on this web application, now we a button to retrieve user credentials on elrs.Kerala.gov.in website. Check it now. If your online application form for education subsidy got registered on the portal, you would be able to recover it through this option. Else, try to record again.

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  1. I took 2,40000rs education loan from bank of india 2012-2016. I repayed 20,000rs on 24th may 2017. Am I eligible for npa? Which scheme I should repay my loan.

    • Hii
      I have taken 3.40 L from kerala gramin bank .in 2012. I already paid more than 1.50 L but still I have near 7 lack to repay. And bank not allow to become NPA also. Pressurising to repay. What is the next option for me to close the loan.

    • May I know the date when you completed the course?

      • I have taken a educational loan of Rs 126000 from state bank of india for MCA course during the period 2014-2016. Now I knew that I have to pay 158713.when I enquired with the bank I am told my repayment starts from next months onwards.I would like to know that am I eligible for the loan subsidy under ELRS

  2. hello sir,
    happy to hear the good news.
    myself Akhil, I took loan of amount around 3,60,000 on 2011. I’m was an engineering student (10-14 batch). i couldn’t pay any amount back to bank because I had very little salary so far. so am I eligible for any of the scheme mentioned above?
    thanking you in advance

    • You are eligible to apply online for the repayment support scheme at elrs.kerala.gov.in. Please mention whether you have paid any EMI or not? If you didn’t pay a single installment, subsidy for NPA account is applicable. If you choose one-time-settlement, Kerala Government would pay the 60{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of the 360000 INR. You have to pay the remaining amount with interest. Regularisation is also possible.

  3. I took education loan 200000lakhs from north malabar gramin bank 2007-2011 i repayed 50000 am i eligible for the elrs scheme?

    • Of course you are eligible to apply for the education loan subsidy from the Kerala Government under elrs scheme. If you have not paid the installments for 3 months (90 days) banks would classify your loan account to NPA. In that case, you have to go with category 1 NPA, and opt to regularise the loan by paying some amount. Since you have already paid 50K, One Time settlement is not recommended.

  4. Hi team,
    I took loan in 2014 from SBI. I now have a job with above 5 lakh annual income. Am I eligible?

    • if you have above 5 Lack per anm then y should you need to apply for Education Loan Reduction….”Just go..and start repayment man!!!” this scheme is for poor students /Students not have job/Students doesn’t have any Income… Kazhtam thanna VIVEKEEEEE!!!!!!

    • Reply
      Shashi Palarivattom August 5, 2017 at 4:50 pm

      As far as I know this subsidy for struggling guys who find it difficult to meet the sides. You are getting 5L and looking for the Govt. subsidy, bhayankaram thanne maashe.

    • Are you paying the EMIs at the moment? If you’re paying @10K, then it would come around 4.8L, which is above the permissible limit. The annual income of the family is also considered for processing the claim. Hence, you’re not eligible.

  5. myself lygi. I took loan 4 lakhs 2009-2013 year and I repaid 25000 on last year. am I eligible for npa?

    • You have to contact the bank to know whether they have classified your education loan into NPA or not. If not, go with the category one. Apply for repayment support for the upcoming years.

  6. SIR

    • You will get the user ID and password on your mobile number as soon as you submit the second page of the elrs website for Kerala education loan support scheme.

  7. Hi sir
    Happy to hear this
    I have taken loan from SBT on 2011…am i eligible for this scheme..the above information saying about the ending date October 10.so what about the last date of registration sir.

    • Yes you’re eligible for Education loan support from Kerala Government. As it says, last date for completing the application form is 31-10-2017.

  8. Hi
    What about sharing ratio by government. 90{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} in 1st year 75{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} in 2nd year etc… please explain this.

  9. pls explain sharing ratio for standard account in detail….

    • It is the sharing of the principle and interest amount for 4 years post payment of the dues or any pending amount through elrs.kerala.gov.in website.

  10. i am not able to register to this elrs site. Anyone please guide me

  11. I have registered and I received user ID and password but I don’t able to login now with these details. I don’t find a place for forgot password or reset password. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

  12. i am not able to register to this site. please help me ..submit button is not working

    • for me also, submit is not working and iam not getting any id/password to my mobile number.. do u still face the problem?

    • When submit button is not working it could the problem with the browser. update or change your web browser and login to the address elrs.kerala.gov.in. It should work.

  13. I’m vidya ..I took edu loan from Punjab national Bank 310000 and I’m paying emi but it’s too difficult to manging with my present salary. I’m I eligible for this scheme ?

    • Of course, choose an option depending on the current status of your education loan. As mentioned in the page, standard and NPA accounts have separate schemes.

  14. Not working OTP MOBILE NUMBER

  15. Hai, I’m Steny Rajan . I had taken 3lakhs from canara bank for the period 2011-2015. And i repaid 20000/- . Am i eligible for this scheme?. I have job. And which eligible certificate from village officer is needed for submitting?.

    • Yes. You may fill the application form for Kerala Govt.’s education loan repayment support scheme. The format of the eligibility certificate from village office is given in the article, above. You will also get the same while competing registration on elrs.kerala.gov.in portal.

  16. There are some glitches while filling the form
    First one is if you have studied in CBSE ,then roll number is 7 digit but the portal will accept only 6 digit thing and the major drawback is the eligibility certificate should be countersigned by a grade 1 gazetted officer with their PEN NUMBER,and they won’t do it unless you are very close to one,because if there is any problem with it,that will affect their salary since it’s asking their PEN NUMBER
    if we approach someone for this signing process,they will definitely ask you that how can they trust you because you have already failed to repay the loan and that’s why you are applying for this scheme,would they be ready to take the chance?? No I don’t think so,even we wont

  17. i took 175000 from SBI bank in the year of 2004-2007.can i eligible for this scheme.how can i register in this portal

    • Just open the website elrs.kerala.gov.in and put all your details. The document required for filling the application form is given in this page. However, t would be better if you arrange the same before proceeding to the registration.

  18. hii,
    The OTP sending is failed. this is the message showing in the site, What i have to do for that? Tried a lot..

  19. Sir,
    If the number of applicants demanding Education loan repayment is huge, will the government help everyone?

    • The Kerala Government has already allocated 900 Crs to this scheme as per budget recommendation. State administration had consulted with banks before announcing this project, and I sincerely hope that they will pump more money if required. BTW there is an upper limit on the amount one could claim.

  20. Dear sir.i filled all content regarding my educational details.but can’t able to get mobile no OTP .thus unable to submitt my application.so kindly please help me to register

  21. sir,I am a nursing student am I eligible for this loan ?I took 250000 for my studies from sbibank

    • Nursing students are the only category of applicants who could apply for the Kerala Government’s repayment support even if they have studied under management quota. Open the elrs.kerala.gov.in, and do your registration to claim your benefits.

  22. Sir,
    I had taken loan of 3,00,000 during period of 2005 for nursing course and completed the course 2010. Post completion i had repaid amount of 80,000 during this period. Now my salary is not enough for repayment EMI. Am i eligible for this scheme. Kindly advice.

    • Yes, dear Muarali. Take your time to arrange all the documents and submit the registration form for the Kerala education loan repayment support. It looks like your loan is NPA at the moment. Try to get it regular by paying the subsidized dues.

  23. Sir,
    I had completed my degree on 2010 till I didn’t get my degree certificate but I had my course completion and provisional certificate with me. So it will make a problem for applying educational loan support scheme ears.gov.in????


    • Your education loan comes under the general category and it is easy for you to apply and get the subsidy. Go ahead and submit the online application form on elrs.gov.in.

      • When i contacted the bank they said i can’t apply through this scheme since its for those accounts which has been turned into NPA on or before 31st march 2016. What i am supposed to do now?

  25. hai
    My name is vibin . While generating OPT system saying OTP sending failed, and i tried again after sometime with same number with different browser but still i am facing the same problem kindly help.

  26. I took 2,80000 as education loan from indian bank 2006-2010,i repayed 30000 rs only on 2009 as interest.am i eligible for npa?which scheme i should repay and how much rs for me

    • Looks like your education loan comes into the NPA category. You may choose the category 1 NPA and in that case you will 60{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of the base amount from Kerala Government if you are agreeing to pay the remaining dues. You have to fill the online application and submit the claim form to know about the amount. The amount will appear on elrs.kerala.gov.in once the Indian Bank approve your education loan for subsidy.

  27. I have loged in elrs.kerala.gov.in and created a account, I have also received the loginID and password to my registered mobile number. Now when I try to login with the provided credentials, Its is saying that the loginID and Password is invalid. I have sent a mail to [email protected] regarding this issues and no reply from them yet.
    Does anyone know why this is happening, Kindly HELP.

    • Reply
      jo.. {future _uncertain} August 17, 2017 at 9:51 pm

      i tried to register but i couldnt submit..i uploaded certificates, but not getting submitted.and no reg id and passwrd generated.. dont know why.. did u face any such issues? u studies state syllabus/cbse? and you uploaded certificates of what file size?

    • We were able to get through the ELRS portal through the user ID and password allocated to us. However, many of the commentators here are also experiencing what you face. We have contacted the Kerala Govt. authorities handling elrs.kerala.gov.in to rectify this error. Hope that we will get a response at least on Monday.

      • Hi Sir
        i have changed my password last week
        now i cant login to my home page.
        password and username is correct
        but after entering password and username it is not going to home page
        it is just in the login page itself
        Any one please help me.

      • Sir, I have also same problem ,i have submitted the registered foam ,but i dint get msg from the server . when i submit the foam google chrome ask me for saving user ID and password. that was user ID is in Phone number and password i dont knw ,i think it is genarate OTP number..
        please reply me how the ID and Password will get

  28. I TOOK LOAN OF 140000. MY LOAN COMPOUNDED TO 189000. NOW ITS 150000.

    • If you are not paying the EMIs in a regular manner, chances are high for you account to be marked as NPA. There are different levels for NPA alassification. Please contact the bank for information on this.


  30. otp is not working for elrs

    SIR ,

  32. showing msg otp sending failed

  33. Hi Sir ,
    OTP is not generating for us ,we tried more than 3 numbers ,could you please assist on this problem

  34. otp sending failed

  35. Hello sir,
    I took loan amount 3,40000 from canara bank in the period of2009-2013. I was an engineering student in management seat.I started repayment from 2014 till now. My family income is below 6lakh Am I eligible for any of the scheme mentioned?

  36. I have taken Loan amount of Rs. 3.75 lacs and I have made payment of Rs. 2.55 Lacs .
    And i didn’t make any payment after february 2015 . Now i need to repay back 1.89 lacs .
    Its almost 2 years and 7 months i didn’t make any payments .
    Do my account come under NPA ??
    And one more thing when i contacted bank they are saying that i doesn’t come under NPA as i paid more than my installments till now. But i didn’t pay all the installments. If i need to pay all installments it should come around 4.5 lacs.
    Please tell me whom to contact in this case

  37. I took 150000 rs educational loan from canara bank for the year 2012-2016. And i have repayed 3500 on 20th july 2017. and i completed the course on 2016 june. Am i eligible for NPA? In which scheme should i repay my loan.

  38. Respected sir,
    Now am studying an engineering course .Till now i did not completed the course during 2018 march only i complete the couse .is am eligible to apply this loan repayment scheme.

  39. I took 400000 Rs education loan in the academic year of 2009-2013 from SBI Thripunithura (Ernakulam district). I repaid around 55{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of the total amount( 13.5{85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} interest/month). I was a BE Electronics and Communication Engg: student, passed out from PSN college of engg and Tech,Tirunelveli which is affiliated to Anna university. Our family annual income is less than 400000Rs. Am I eligible for NPA? And the next thing I would like to inform you is, OTP sending failed for me all the time.So I am unable to register.What should I do?

  40. not working OTP in elrs

  41. SIR

  42. I took education loan from SBI, and I completed nursing in karnataka . Can I apply for this scheme. ??

  43. Sir,
    Myself Arbin, I took loan from ICICI bank during 2011. I complete my course on 2015 and started repaying on June 2017. Also, my loan is automatically restructured by the bank itself on 2017. My queries are,,
    (1) ICICI bank is not listed. What is the solution?
    (2) Am I eligible for this scheme? (Loan amount : 145000)

  44. I took education loan from SBI , completed nursing in karnataka . So can i apply for this scheme

  45. In the eligibility certificate format to be signed by the gazetted officer, there’s a clause which declares that “I hereby certified that I do not have a job in the formal/informal sector…”. So my question is, are currently working salaried employees with annual income below the upper limit eligible for this scheme ?

  46. hello,
    I have availed an education loan of 96,000/- in 2010 as one time installment for my PG. I am repaying it with the interest amount and some minimum loan amount, now it is around <1lac. I am eligible for this scheme?

  47. I have taken edu loan of nearly 90,000/- in 2010 as one time installment for my PG. i have done a paramedical course from a central govt institute I completed my course in 2013 Jan as i had break in my masters due to medical reasons. Now i am working with annual income 3lac. Am I eligible for this scheme ? i am repaying the loan with interest and small loan amount as EMI

  48. Hello Sir,
    During the period 2011 to 2015 I took education loan of amount 2.45 lakhs for B.Tech course (merit seat).
    I only started my repayment on july 2016 and about 1.2 lakhs remitted now.
    As per govenrment rule Am I eligible for the subsidy?

  49. i took a loan amount of 250000 on 2013 and repaid 10k on may 2017.is it npa or not?

  50. hey,
    i try to registered on the first day when the site host,And after that i got a popup that the registration completed but i wont get any username and password.
    when i try to registered once again the message is the “10th roll number is already registered”.
    please tell me reason why its happened

  51. Otp is not working.
    It’s says sending failed.
    And also submit button not working

  52. If i belongs to standard loan account and my current loan amount is 1,60,000.
    So by these scheme i need to repay 40,000 annualy for 4 years ?
    which means for 1 st 2nd 3rd and 4th year government ready to pay
    36000(90%) , 30000(75%) , 15000(50%) , 4000(10{%) respectively !
    please clarify the sharing ratio….

  53. I took 225000rs from SBT(SBI) 2009-2013, i couldn’t pay any amount back to bank because I had very little salary so far. so am I eligible for any of the scheme mentioned above?

  54. Hi sir,
    Iam Anagha, i comlpleted my engineering in managment seat (2009-2013). I started repayment from 2014 to till now. my family income is below 6lakh. Am I eligible for this scheme?

  55. In the 10th Roll number field we can enter 4 – 7 digit only.The MP State Board 10th Roll number has 9 digit. How can I proceed if its not taking the 9 digit roll number? Please advise.

  56. Sir registered with all documents but at the end of registration I click submit button user ID password not came in mobile and system too. But I tried to reset register but system says allready registed. How I can collect the username and password.? Please help me

  57. The 10 roll number field takes only 4 – 7 digits, but the MP state board roll number has 9 digit and we are not able to enter the same. How can we proceed in such case? Please advise.

  58. hello sir,
    while reg should we upload the ordinary income certificate or the eligibility certificate which is uploaded in the portal

  59. Hi,
    I am studied in a self financing college in erode, Tamilnadu under Anna university. I took 232500 rs and repaying emi. can I eligible for this scheme. because most of the students studied outside of kerala is in management quota. so only students studied in kerala eligible for this scheme?

  60. I took 230000 education loan from SBT 2007-2009 MBA course. But I pass on 2012. I relayed 300250rs on 7 the July 2017. If i am eligible for this scheme ?

    • I took education loan from SBT 2007-2009 MBA and I pass 2012. Till July 7 2017 I can repay 300250 rs .I am eligible for the scheme?

  61. Sir, after completing registration I found out that my 10th standard ROLL NUMBER was entered WRONG by mistake. Now I am unable to edit the same. Can I edit the roll number before submitting the application to the bank?
    Kindly help..

  62. Dear Sir,
    I am jibin, I tried uploading all the relevant files, I received my OTP as well. But, the upload button doesn’t seem to work and hence, the files are not getting uploaded.
    Please suggest an alternative.

  63. sir ,
    Which is the format of income certificate?. In elrs portal format of eligibility and income certificate is not provided .

  64. Sir,
    Iam unable to register after entering DOB…A dialogue box is appearing while entering 10th certificate roll number.

  65. Sir, I took education loan in 2012 .. total amount is 184000. I paid 23k in 2016 and 25k in 2017. Let me know am eligible for NPA..
    Thank you in advance

  66. Hi,
    I started repaying my loan since 2012 as regularly and one more year is remaining with loan amount of one lakh rupees. I have registered for this scheme and going to submit the application now.
    When I will get the benefits once I submit under this scheme ? Meanwhile I should pay the installment amount or I can wait until get the benefit ?
    If I can not pay monthly installments after this submission, it will comes under NPA or not ?
    Thanks in advance.

  67. Hi, I’m facing one issue(8th Aug 2017). After providing the required details and uploading the documents, when the ‘Submit’ button is clicked, the page loads and goes back to the initial ‘Student Registration’ button page, so that the registration is not getting successfully completed. I have tried multiple times but it’s not resolved. Can you please help me here.

  68. Sir,
    I have taken 4 lakhs rupees as educational loan for my studies.The course duration was 6 years(2011-2017).I completed my course and Iam about to repay the loan.Can I apply for the scheme??
    If not when can I apply??

  69. Sir,
    After completing registration I found that my tenth standard ROLL NUMBER was entered WRONG by mistake. Now I am unable to edit the same. Can I edit it before submitting to the bank?
    Kindly reply..

  70. The certificate of eligibility states that the applicant is not employed. My question is whether employed persons are also covered under the scheme

  71. I took educational loan from indian bank oct 2011-oct2015 for Bsc nursing and i studied outside kerala.Am I eligible for this scheme?Under which catogery i can apply?

  72. 10th roll number not able to enter. 9 digit.

  73. Iam not passed final year nursing exam .i took loan from federal bank.can i apply for this scheme

  74. Iam santhi from palakkad . i have completed engineering course from a private engineering college ,tamilnadu. in the year 2012. i had availed loan from sbi palakkad. am i eligible to apply under elrs scheme announced by kerala govt?

  75. Sir,I have taken loan from Canara bank during the period 2007-2011.The amount taken is 230000/-.lhave repaid 150000 previous years and an amount 100000 as OTS on August 2016 by taking another loan .Can l apply for this repayment scheme?Will l get any amount back which I have paid?

  76. Sir, in the registration part, after entering the details and uploading documents, i clicked the submit button, but no id / password was received in my mobile number/mail id. Again, I refreshed the page and again filled the page and uploaded documents, but still after submitting ,nothing was receivd.. Why is it so? Whom can I contact to fix this?

  77. Sir,
    I took 3.2 lakhs Rupees from kerala gramin bank on 2013 july and completed my course on 2016 june. I had Repayment holidays till july 2017 and i started my payment from july 2017 onwards. sir, i am eligible for any of the scheme ?

  78. Sir,l have taken loan of amount 230000 during 2007-2011 and started the repayment from 2013 onwards.l have repaid 150000 and an amount of 100000/_as OTS amount on August 2016.Can I apply for the scheme?

  79. Hello sir,
    I heard that the particular scheme is not applicable to management quota students of engineering.actually we are very much disappointed with the large loan amount when compared to merit quota students…Please consider us too…we are also there with no job no salary…only have lots of ‘pucham’ from relatives and neighbors. Please consider management quota students of engineering too.

    • It is very true. Now that government has increased the basic salary of nurses to more than 20000, it is engineering pass-outs who are struggling.

  80. കേരളാ സർക്കാർ പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ച വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ വായ്പ ആനുകൂല്യം മെറിറ്റ് സീറ്റിൽ അഡ്മിഷൻ ലഭിച്ചുവന്ന വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾക്കുമാത്രമായി ചുരുക്കിയതുകൊണ്ട് ഉദ്ദേശിച്ച വിഭാഗം രക്ഷിതാക്കൾക്ക് ഗുണമില്ല. മെറിറ്റ് സീറ്റിൽ പഠിച്ചുവന്നിരുന്ന കുട്ടികൾക്ക് സർക്കാർ നിശ്ചയിച്ച ഫീസാനുകുല്യം ലഭിച്ചവരാണല്ലോ. എന്നാൽ സ്വാശ്രയ കോളേജുകളിൽ മാനേജ്‌മെന്റ് സീറ്റിൽ പഠിച്ചവർക്കുകൂടി ആനുകൂല്യം ലഭ്യമാകുന്നവിധം പരിഷ്‌ക്കരിക്കണമെന്ന് ആവശ്യപെടുന്നു. ഇത്തരത്തിൽ പഠനം പൂർത്തിയാക്കിയ വിദ്യാർത്ഥികളും സർക്കാർ നടത്തിയ എൻട്രൻസ് പരീക്ഷയിൽ യോഗ്യത നേടിയവരാണല്ലോ. അവരൊന്നും നേരിട്ട് NRE ക്കാരെപോലെ അഡ്മിഷൻ നേടിയവരല്ല. മാത്രമല്ല യഥാർത്ഥത്തിൽ ഭീമമായ ഫീസ്‌ അടക്കാൻ കഴിയാതെ ബാങ്ക് വായ്പയെ ആശ്രയിച്ചവരും ഇവരാണെന്ന് മനസ്സിലാക്കി സർക്കാർ വേണ്ടതുചെയ്യുമല്ലൊ. നിലവിലെ വ്യവസ്ഥപ്രകാരമാണെങ്കിൽ വളരെ ചുരുക്കം പേർക്ക് മാത്രമേ ആനുകൂല്യം ലഭ്യമാവുകയുള്ളു. അതുകൊണ്ട്തന്നെ ഇതൊരു പ്രഹസനമാക്കാതെ അർഹതപ്പെട്ട എല്ലാ വിദ്യാർഥികൾക്കും അഥവാ രക്ഷിതാക്കൾക്കും ലഭിക്കുന്നതിനുവേണ്ട മാറ്റങ്ങൾ പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്നു

  81. Please consider management quota students of engineering too.

  82. I took 250000 Education loan from Union Bank 2012-2016 batch June month pass out . I have not repaid any amount , am i eligible for this ??

  83. sir,
    I took educational loan of rupees 2,50,000 on 2010 from Federal bank. I have completed my BSc nursing course on 2014 and I have cleared all the subjects. I started repay the amount. now it is about 1,50,000 rupees pending. can I get elrs benefit ?

  84. I TOOK 3,28000 VBS loan from gramin bank . course periode is 2009 t0 2012 . i repayed the amount of 142100 now outstanding amount is 4,25956 rupee.am i eligible for npa ? . which scheme i should repay loan ?, last 4 years i worked but the salary is not enough to pay the intrest amount also at the same trime i got a offer from anothetr company then i left my previos job but still noew i am not employed in my new company stii they are not giving any response now . now am like a jobseeker. i didnt have any idea about how i need to do the repayment.

  85. My loan was sanction on 2006 december and completed the course in 2010 …. I started paying it from 2012 January onwards, 3000 rs per month uptill last month(uptil july 2017) without any fail. Already I payed 75 {85750076c19b322c30e4569667a53fe9704f146e1a57d714f26072fdcf6b5afb} of principal amount as of now, Does my loan come under NPA??

  86. I took 300000rs educational loan from Bank of India during 2013-15 and completed my course.I started my payment in June 2017 and payed an amount of 30000.Am I eligible for the loan subsidy.

  87. Sir ,
    I took 3lakh for the period 2011-2015, frm canra bank. And i started repaying in march 2107. And only 20000 repaid. Am i come under npa category. Or in which category i have to apply. I asked to bank manager he is not giving the proper information about the same.

  88. Sir ,
    I took 3lakh for the period 2011-2015, frm canra bank. And i started repaying in march 2017. And only 20000 repaid. Am i come under npa category. Or in which category i have to apply. I asked to bank manager he is not giving the proper information about the same.

  89. Sbi sold my account to Reliance financial company.shall I submit documents?

  90. I took loan from sbi on 2004,bank sold my account to Reliance financial company.Government already cut intrest and my due is 2lakh as per Reliance.
    I can submit documents?
    Bank said no subsidy with Reliance handling accounts

  91. hello sir,
    myself Sougandh, I took loan of amount around 3,70,000 on 2011. I’m was an engineering student (10-14 batch).
    i already paid a few amount back to bank and i have no due yet. I have no enough salary to compleat the payment. so am I eligible for any of the scheme mentioned above?
    ls that any problem will occur about the amount that i already paid?
    thanking you in advance


  93. Sir.
    I taken my loan in 2013 and repayment holiday over in 2017 july. i started repayment on july 2017. I am eligible or not ? Please give advice.

  94. my loan amount is 260000.i already paid 52500.I started repayment on May 2016 .already completed my course in 2014.i last paid rs 5000 in June 30 .whether my loan has turned into npa.


  96. Roll number digits issue

    • Please clarify. How many digits you are trying on the ELRS application form?

      • I am trying to enter the 9 digit roll number that my MP board 10th certificate has….ELRS is not giving the facility to enter 9 digits…please advise…..

      • I am trying to enter the 9 digit roll number because i have completed the 10th standard from MP board.. but the ELRS form allows only 7 digit.please advise

  97. Hello sir,
    I want to apply for this scheme, but I don’t have a pan card.Is that compulsory for applying??how many days it will take to get a pan card??

  98. I have not paid the loan amount for past 2.5 years. And bank is saying that i doesn’t belong to NPA account as i paid more than the installment amount. Could you please tell me whom to contact in this case if bank doesn’t agree for this

  99. According to the guidelines we should obtain a Eligibility certificate issued by the village officer. As per the format of this certificate, the village officer has to certify that he/she knows the person for the last three years. There are chances that the village officer joined recently or he/she knowing the person less that three years (may be even months). In that case, can you advice what can be done? Is this condition “Know the person for the last three years by village officer” mandatory? Please advice. Thanks,

  100. I applied got education loan subsidy 2017 through elrs with another person’s pancard.that time I don’t have a pancard. Now I get the pancard. But I already submitted the online application to bank. No editing option is there. We can just view it.The bank is not accepting my application.what will I do?

    • You have to submit your own PAN card while applying for the subsidy under ELRS scheme. Else your application would get rejected. However, parents of a student ward may submit his/her PAN card.

  101. sir, in the registration part i uploaded certificates , but couldn’t register, as no registration number and password was received in my mobile number.My mobile number was verified.

  102. Sir, what should we do we where study in management seat for btech in kerala now the government has been announced that the repayment scheme is only available for the students who where obtained in government seat sir basically who ever obtained an admission in a govt seat have a less amount considering with management seat students and we also have facing different types of problem due to the lack of job availability in the society . Sir management students don’t have any right to obtained such helping scheme from the government now the government has announced that basic payment for nurses have raised up to 20000 and also they have the availability to obtain these scheme both management and government seat students why the government have been avoiding us from this scheme Sir please consider all of us we also need the support from the government

  103. I took 394000 loan from Garmin bank 2009 -2012 I completed my course 2012 Sept.am I eligiblefor npa?

  104. Hi,
    My loan amount was 259000 and I paid 215000. My outstanding amount is 164000. When I am submitting, I am getting an error saying “Error on outstanding amount”. Please advice as to what i should do.
    Thanks in Advance

  105. Sir ,why I can’t submitt the student registration form ,my pan card, adhar card ,certificate all are uploaded then why i am facing these problem

  106. Sir
    Why I can’t submit the student registration form

  107. sir
    when is the last date for submitting the application

  108. sir
    i studied in a self financing college should i am eligible for these

  109. Hi,I took the loan in 2013.Currently am working in a private organisation.Am i eligible for the loan?The eligibility certificate from village office should state that I do not have a job in formal/informal sector.Please clarify this.Is my income proof required as i am working in informal sector?

  110. Hi Sir please assit
    i have changed my password last week
    now i cant login to my home page.
    password and username is correct
    but after entering password and username it is not going to home page
    it is just in the login page itself
    Please help me

  111. Iam not getting the website.Is there anyone facing similar problem.

  112. Sir, can i edit the informations i had added in the portal after submitting it to the bank.

  113. Hi sir,
    I have applied for elrs scheme. Now my status is showing as pending for approval. Can you please tell me what this means?

  114. Hi sir ,
    I have applied for elrs scheme .but now my status is application pending for approval .in bank says my course completed certificate are error.can i added my new certificate in the portal after submiting it to the bank.

  115. Hi, I have submitted the Application for the elrs scheme, Now remittance details shows, benificiery contribution amount “0” and status showing pending for approval, what does it means?

  116. Respected sir. I paid my remittance amount on 10/7/18. When I will get approval . And can you explain what I have to next.

  117. Sir I applied already through elrs and submitted to my branch bank.. they are telling still processing…around 1.5 month now….whether It takes long time???

  118. Sir,what is the last date for remittance?

  119. Hi team,
    The website showing, your elrs scheme is accepted and you should not pay any amount in the financial year. But bank team said still i have to pay monthly EMI. What should i do? is it correct or anything wrong?

  120. Hello sir
    Please help sir I am in a crucial situation.
    Details of course Bsc Nursing – 4 year ( 10/2007 to 10/2011). took 4 lakhs loan from UCO bank
    Paid 110000 before finishing my course + cleared all my each year interest before getting the last installment)
    After that i didn’t pay any money
    on 2017 i applied for ELRS and registered. and my NPA date is 31/05/2017 and total amt+interest is 640000
    finally i got message from ELRS that you have to pay 64515 for first year
    doubt i am having – 1) need to know which category i am in.
    2) is this ELRS is for closing the loan account or to regularise the loan.

  121. Sir i have applied in elrs scheme and remitted the first beneficiary amount.One day another tab shows the government contribution and the details.But after that the government contribution tab is missing and still showing for approval.What it means?

    • Am also had the same situation.. I have mailed elrs and they told me to contact the bank branch… There wil be any mismatch with the amount may be the reason.. go and contact bank branch..

  122. Sir I have applied through elrs scheme and now the application status saying “Application processed by the bank”. What does it mean?

  123. Hi
    I have checked my elrs portal. The status shows as “Application returned to nodal officer for verification “. Could you please let me know that how much time it will take to complete.

  124. Sir, where could I view remittance details upload by applicant?

  125. I Have checked my elrs portal.The application status shown as ” Application returned to bank for verification.Anything further i do for this?Could you please let me know that how much time it will take to complete.

  126. I am shefeena nassar i took education loan from 2006 to 2010 (COPERATION BANK MALLAPPALLY) 285000 RS .2013 one news was came in the news paper for reduction of interest and after that my father go to the bank.they allowed to pay 365582 rs only december 2013 to march 2014 in this period we pay 310000 RS.2011 to 2012 they give subsidy 18000RS. In our knowledge balance only for us 36550 Rs only
    In between 2013 to 2014 they make again interest 128000.but they did not infirm us about this interesy.now 2018 they call us and they told us to pay again 346240 Rs .whay we will do??? now i dont have job.

  127. I have got education loan repayment subsidy for the year 2017-2018. It was one time settlement type I have given for repayment mode. Now the website says there is facility for applying subsidy for the year 2018-2019. There is any need for my application in 2018-2019…?

  128. Hi sir
    i had applied for this scheme and received a msg later mentioning that the beneficiary have to remit zero amount. and the status of application is send for verification to Nodal officer. Kindly help me to know the next process.and what should i do

  129. 2019 date of this scheme

  130. Iam not registering this elrs scheme because I have not get pancard at the time of registration.so please approve new applications. Please sir.

  131. I can’t find the student registration option in the official website. So i am unable to register.

  132. I lost My elrs user id and password, so I tried to get back, i have entered email id and mobile number but it shows that invalid so what should i do for recover my id and password

  133. Student Registration link cannot found in website.

  134. i have applied fot the elrs scheme. last month the application was forwarded to nodal officer.now on my elrs port showing that application returned bank for verification what it means

    • Mee too have same issue. I enquired in bank. They didint clarify our prblm and they told us to repay the remaining amount

  135. Hi
    Even I paid the borrower’s contribution but due to mismatch of amount given by bank application rejected and need to resubmit.
    After advice from bank I updated the amount now again it’s showing for borrower’s contribution. Pls help to sort out this issue

  136. I applied for this scheme. How could I know it is passed or not

  137. എനിക്ക് education സബ്‌സിഡി ലഭിച്ചിരുന്നു. ഞാൻ പറഞ്ഞ amount correct സമയത്തു അടച്ചിരുന്നു. ഇപ്പോൾ ബാങ്കിൽ നിന്ന് പറയുകയാണ് സബ്സിഡി കിട്ടിയില്ലെന്ന്.

  138. hai sir

    i alreday applied for the subsidy and it is approved by govt on before one month
    actualy i want to know about that approved amount when credited my loan account

  139. My name is Arjun I have taken a loan amount of 268000 for BSc nursing course during 2010-2014.After completing the course couldn’t pay back the amount and only paid 10000.I have submitted all the documents that bank asked for me and at that time and now the bank is telling that I am not eligible and they can’t find my find my file. please help me to find a solution.And the website http://elrs.kerala.gov.in/#can't open now

  140. I have applied for the subsidy and paid my contribution 8 months back. There is no update received then. The Bank says they approved it and forwarded for Govt. verification. How long it will take to approve? 1 year? 2 years? Please let me know.

  141. The Official ELRS website is not working since last week and I’m yet to receive the 3rd year help from the government.

  142. Hi sir. I took loan in 2010 and i started my repayment from 2015. My elrs application is approved and they messaged me to pay rs 0 to 1 year. So i stopped my repayment. After 1 year bank told me to resume the repayment and They didnt cleared my doubt about the scheme. I registered a complaint in elrs portal and slbc portal. Their reply was your application was forwarded to government for the apporoval / rejection.
    Currently my application status is my appication is returned to bank for verification
    Due to this pandemic i had lost my job and iam facing a complicated situation now. I dont know what to do and bank insisted me to pay remaining amount after morotorium

  143. I paid all my dues whatever they have asked..i submitted the receipts as well.. now why is money suddenly taken without prior notice.

  144. i have applied for this scheme. from 2017 i started to pay. government also payed. i have payed for four year. but the bank manger is saying again i have to pay 4 lakhs. i dont know why it is happened.

  145. I can’t open the site for my 3rd year repayment message. How could I know that.? Plz help.

  146. I am trying to login but the website has some issues.to whom should I contact

  147. Why elrs website is not working now? I want to get some I formation about my application to cancell my loan completely.

  148. My daughter holding a Standard education loan ac and had spied for Elrs end of Dec_17 . Twice her portal showed message “you need not pay any amount for 16/17 & 17/18 periods. But now the bank is asking for certificate – studied under merit quota and fees- and to upload on student portal. But the tragedy is unable to access her (even tried changed password). Even.the the complaint/technical cell phone numbers are responding.
    Kindly help.
    Mail id [email protected].

  149. Sir what is the current update of this scheme.. i was applied for this benefit but no approval from government.. stil seen i status bake was submitted.

  150. Through elrs kerala government scheme l have done all procedure and everything. But now from bank they are calling us and telling your loan payment you have to give. From government side they didn’t get anything. If the payment come from government they will give back . We dont know what to do how I will get details.
    07th October 2020

  151. sir ,enik repayment scheme vachu 30000 rs adacha mathiyarunu.bt enik aa msg kanan pattiyilla..njan listil ulla aanu .enik ipo aa scheme vazhi cash adakan pattumo ?


  153. Hii sir..with due respect…my self Aswathy Murali..I took education loan from IOB in the year of 2010..my course completion is 2009 to 2013.i was applied for elrs..I took 290000 loan amount.. through elrs they said that I have to pay 22281..Bank People said u no need to pay together then I paid 17000.. after that bank people not accepting this..they said that this is fake news..sir now they r telling I should pay more than 5 lakh to close my loan…. could anyone pls clarify and help me to get out of this situation please…..

  154. Hello sir
    i did everything for repayment scheme but still didnot get any response from PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK THRISSUR KURUPPAM ROAD BRANCH. They telling that they are not familiar with this scheme. now its more than one year i applied for this submitted everything what they asked.

  155. Now i am not able to login into this website

  156. Can I have the clarification please?

  157. Hai sir,I praisy.s
    I submitted the renewal application for education loan subsidy during the period of 2019 by bank . But still now didn’t approved by government, Now I have not job, The bank have being send the messages.so pls regard my application soon, Thanks

  158. Respected sir,
    I got first yr instalment.after that i didnt get successive instalments not yet

  159. Still I can get support here

  160. I’m Ramdev,
    I’m took education loan worth of 2,60,000, in 2015 for studying MBA. And start repayment on Nov 2017, I have paid around 2 lakhs and bank authorities said that 2.25 lakhs remaining for closing of my loan. Can I get any help????

  161. there is no new registration option

  162. Respected sir,
    I forgot id & password , can’t get OTP from mobile

    Leave a reply

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